Poke’mon: Fairy Type > Dragon Type?

As October approaches closer and closer, many o fan of Poke’mon are getting ready for the newest release. First time on 3DS we have X and Y, a new town, and a new adventure. Of course, with any new Poke’mon game we also have, new Poke’mon, more to collect in the Pokedex, new moves, and of course… something really brand new that they throw in… this time, a new type:


The last time we got new types, it was in Gen. 2 of Poke’mon or the times of Gold and Silver. Of course this means: New Eevee evolution(s), changing up already known Poke’mon. Which, is completely fine. It makes me think of new strategies to use, understand new weaknesses…

What I like the most is that Fairy Type is the weakness for one of the hardest types in the game: Dragon. Anyone who has played Pokemon has gotten to that final point, where you are battling the Elite Four for the first time. Your Poke’mon are hanging in there. You have a few Full Restores left, and a few revives. And there is the Champion. Right. There. You have almost made it…

And what does he/she throw at you?


And if you don’t have a high powered Ice Poke’mon… or a Poke’mon that can use an Ice Type move… well your sunk 75% of the time. At least, I can say I was.

Its why I think Fairy Type, all be it a bit unexpected to what is typically called a type (Other than Ghost), is going to add a fair mix to the table. And finally give us that edge over the Dragon Types. (To be fair, a good, high powered Ice Type does the trick, but Dragon Types really having one weakness really isn’t to fair)

Not only that but I am truly excited to see what Poke’mon change types or what new Poke’mon we can expect.

The final note of interest is going to be what Fairy Type’s weakness is. Perhaps Ghost and Dark? Or will they throw Psychic into it? The possibilities are vast and it is why Poke’mon is still very much so alive and popular today. Not only with kids, but with the adults AKA big kids too.


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