The Death of the Nintendo?

Motley Fool claimed Nintendo isn’t protecting their intellectual property. They are losing to Angry Birds. If they were smart, they would get out of the console business and focus solely on developing games. Motley Food went as far to claim the Xbox One will destroy the Wii U as more kids would rather play Call of Duty than Mario Kart.  If you want to check out this article, click here.

A number of critics agree with these sentiments. There’s a call for Nintendo to take the same road Sega took back in 2001 and only produce software. Shigeru Miyamoto gave, to me, a convincing reason why Nintendo should never go that route. Long story short, Nintendo develops their hardware with their creative team can make the games they want to make. Its gives Nintendo a unique edge and a fresh way to create fun experiences that no other system can match.


I am not convinced Nintendo is in great shape, but I don’t think there should be a call for them to get out of the console business just because the Wii U hasn’t sold that well yet. On a side note, Motley Fool’s claim that kids would rather play Call of Duty than Mario Kart is full of crap. The best selling Mario Kart, Mario Kart Wii, sold 33.78 million copies. The best selling Call of Duty (when looking at the total sales between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions) sold a total of 27.69 million copies. Nintendo is doing fine with their intellectual property. It’s called research Motley Fool. You should look into it before you open your mouth.

Is Nintendo in trouble? I don’t believe so. Sure, their hand-held consoles may be in trouble as it’s far easier to play games on our smartphones rather than on our 3DSs. But try to look at this differently.

  • The 3DS has consistently outsold every other console out there since December 1st, 2012 (with the exception of a few weeks in January).
  • The Nintendo Wii, as of June 8th, 2013, has sold 99,660,380 copies. Only four other consoles have sold more (PS2 – 157 million copies, DS – 154 million, Gameboy – 118 million, and PS1 – 104 million).
  • The top 15 best selling console games of all time belongs to Nintendo.


Yes, the Wii U needs to sell more consoles to get more 3rd party developer support. Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, said as much in his interview. As long as Nintendo keeps on creating games that people want to play, they will continue selling consoles. Would they be more profitable if they decided to ditch their consoles and only make games? Maybe.

But as Shigeru Miyamoto seemed to imply, Nintendo isn’t after the highest profit. They want to make quality games.

So yes, I was disappointed at Nintendo’s showing at E3. It’s a slight stumble, not the end of Nintendo.

I still want to believe in Nintendo. I want to see them succeed.

Don’t you?


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