Ever hear of the Ouya?

Confession time. Yeah, Sony’s announcement with the Playstation 4 did give me some hope for the 8th generation of home consoles, but not too much. I didn’t feel there was enough competition out there. All we had was Sony and Microsoft marketing the hell out of their consoles while Nintendo tried to act like the Wii U still matters.

I didn’t see anything new. Nothing fresh.

Hell, we got excited because Sony said they would be doing the same stuff that they did in the past. Where’s the awesome innovations that will light up the industry?

That’s when a facebook friend of mine showed me this.



She showed me a strange news article talking about how the Entertainment Software Association, the host of E3, tried to muscle out Ouya from E3. This was the first time I heard of Ouya. So I was curious to find out more about the system.

The Ouya is only $99 and is supported by some third party developers like Mojang (Minecraft) will have their games on the system. It can also support all the apps from the Android phone. What impressed the heck out of me is this: Ouya is an open gaming console. They made the developer tools available without any licencing fees! Any independent developer who wants to make a game can easily do so. There’s already 146 games available for the system!

146 games!

All these games can be downloaded and tested out. If you like them, you can pay for them. If not, no harm no foul.

I really don’t know how successful this system will be, but I hope it will be. We need more competition in this generation’s console wars. I think a system that makes it easy for developers to program is worthwhile!

Now if Steam would finish their Steam Box, we’ll have enough competition to make this console war interesting!


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