TFS Dragon Ball Z Abridged Parody Review : 5 Years of Fandub Comedy

Dragon Ball Z Abridged Parody is a fan-based parody created by the Team Four Star

Dragon Ball Z Abridged Parody is a fan-based parody created by the Team Four Star

Awhile back, a friend of mine introduced me to the fan-based parody series Dragon Ball Z Abridged and told me that it was perhaps the funniest thing I will ever see. Naturally such a bold claim caught my attention and thus my curiosity with piqued. After watching all thirty-five episodes, I can honestly say that my friend’s proclamation may have been spot on.

For those who are unfamiliar with the show, Dragon Ball Z Abridged Parody is a  series created by Team Four Star, a non-profit group of anime fans who parody shows such as Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Hellsing but who are more well known for abridge episodes of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z. The series had gained enormous popularity since it premiered on June 5, 2008. So much so that when TeamFourStar’s Youtube channel was suspended on August 11 or 2009, it resulted in Youtube being flooded with hate mail from fans. Ultimately the channel was returned to TeamFourStar in 2010, though some videos have been removed since then.

I will admit that I wasn’t entirely sold on the series at first. Although I am a fan of DBZ and have been going back as far as childhood, I am one of those fans who get a tad over-protective over series that I grew up with and don’t really care for the source material to be messed with in anyway. That said, after watching this series, I think I prefer this version better!

Unlike the series I grew up with which was, if I have to be honest with myself, watered-down and annoyingly edited for a kid-friendly audience, DBZ: Abridged is more mature as well as its comedy. The jokes are witty and the comedic banter between characters is hilariously quick. I really have to applaud TeamStarFour here. I laughed myself silly for hours with just how well the dialogue between character was written and how snappy the comebacks were! It also helped that every actor played their part accordingly and true to form to the character they happened to be playing, giving them more of an established personality than they had in the original show. For example, the Saiyan prince Vegeta is just as stand-offish and brash but this time, but this time around he has perfect comedic timing to throw out quick one-liners and bad-ass insults. Something that I wish was in the original series.

I highly recommend this series to anyone, especially those who are fans of the original. I admit that I was wrong to assume this series wouldn’t make me laugh or would be poke fun at the show and its fans. In fact, I think I can safely say that it’s only made the show even better.

Oh! And while I have to chance, I would also like to recommend viewing TeamFourStar’s other abridge parodies as well as their video game playthrough series TFSTwoSaiyans.



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