Sony Crowned King of E3 by Public – My Thoughts

By now you might have already heard or seen the moment that many gamers are considering the answer to their prayers at this year’s E3 conference. When Sony took the stage, it was safe to say that all eyes of the gaming universe were on them. The pressure was on. Microsoft had already set the stage with their presentation of the Xbox One, leaving more questions than answers and more than enough fears on where the ‘future of gaming’ was taking us

Everyone was wondering what was up Sony’s sleeve. How would they address gamer’s concerns that had been keeping us awake at night for weeks?

To put it simply, Sony delivered.

Since the first reveal of the Xbox One, the response against Microsoft’s new console has been overwhelming to say the least. Gamers weren’t exactly keen on the idea that they would have to be online at all times even to play single play games. Nor were they jumping for joy when it was discovered that they would not be able to game for 24 hours if they were unable to met the mandatory check-in, there would be zero backward-capability on 360 games, the always on-always listening Kinect camera, and the grand-daddy of all complaints, the apparent end of trading in or lending out games. Restrictions such as this broke the internet faster than the Game of Thrones The Red Wedding episode with angry video responses and even an organized boycott. Gamers voiced their opinion in droves, and yet Microsoft remained silent, encouraging people to wait until E3 before they make a decision.

Well, E3 has arrived and still we have yet to be reassured of anything. Microsoft choose not to address the public’s concerns by canceling their Post E3 roundtable with the press and missing an opportunity to do some major damage control. Needless to say, the response could ultimately prove to be their undoing in the long run.

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

In the end, Sony proved to be victor in this upcoming console war. Actually, Sony may have won the war even before it begun. How you may ask? The answer may shock you: by giving consumers what they wanted.

The response was instantaneous. If I were venture to guess, it went something like this:

All humor aside, it is clear who may very well be the winner of E3 here. Go to any social media outlet, browse through comments on any video and you will see that the public have picked their console of choice. Try as Microsoft might do to smooth things over with gamers with flashy incentives on how the Xbox One is the ultimate entertainment system, it has apparently not worked. True, gamers want to most bang for the buck, but they also don’t want to feel like they’re getting cheated in the process. As my fellow blogger Michael Zack has stated, Microsoft has taken their customer base for granted. Rather than listening to their outcry, they decided they knew what was best for gamers, stuck their fingers in their ears and hummed a merry little tune as they tried to convince us everything was okay.

The equivalent I think as jiggling keys in front of toddler as the doctor tries to take a blood sample. Or promising a little girl a pony for her nine birthday. I didn’t believe then and I’m not believing it now.

So is there a way Microsoft can come back from this seemingly utter defeat at the hands of Sony?

Insert skeptical shrug here.


It’s hard to say. Right now the public is rallying behind the PS4, hurling it upon their shoulders and trotting it around the village square as the chosen savior of the people. At the moment, Microsoft has little to no hope in convincing anyone otherwise. However, I can say this much. I couldn’t honestly tell you what games were feature for either the PS4 or Xbox One and neither could some other people I know. When I would normally go on and on for days on what games I’m excited for, that subject is sadly mute for me. Why? Because as much as I am happy that Sony listened to their fans, I am disappointed that the appears to be a done deal.

The console war is over. Everyone is getting the PS4. See you next year.

I enjoy the competition between companies because it shows me that they are at least trying to out do the other. It shows the effort that companies like Sony and Microsoft are putting into their product, the passion and drive to make it the best one on the market. There was a time it was like that. Here, the Xbox One is pretty much dead on arrival. My biggest fear is that with no competition, Sony will eventually become lazy and the games will suffer for it.

For now, gamers can take comfort in knowing that their opinions were heard and that they were valued. Hopefully, there is still time for Microsoft to go back to the drawing and correct their mistake. That is, if they are willing to see that they made a mistake in the first place.

Who knows? Crazier things have happened in gaming.

Remember the Power Glove?


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