My fears for the 8th generation of consoles

I’ll be honest.

I had no faith in Sony.

I was positive Sony would follow in the footsteps of Microsoft and pull the same DRM moves that Microsoft was pulling.

Then this happened.

How I saw E3 2013

How I saw E3 2013

The 8th Generation of consoles threatened to be the last generation with what Microsoft tried to do. There’s only so much that the gaming community would tolerate from all the blind profiteering and arrogance that Microsoft unfortunately displayed. I thought they hit the tipping point, treating their customers with such disrespect that it would drive them away.

  • Forcing their customers to always being monitored.
  • Forcing their customers to always be online.
  • Destroying the used game market.

This is just a short list. What it comes down to is this:  Microsoft took their customer base for granted. Rather than reacting to the outcry and come out with statements indicating they made a mistake, they knuckled down and tried to act like everything was okay. I was convinced gamers would leave the market in droves, tired of being taken advantage of. Tired of all of micro-transactions from the 7th generation of consoles. Tired of the Day One DLCs. I was sure this was the very last straw.

Then Sony happened.

They did what Microsoft should have done. They listened to the outrage from the fanbase and catered their initial marketing blitz to them.

They restored my faith in the 8th generation.

Thank you Sony.


One comment on “My fears for the 8th generation of consoles

  1. Yes I felt the same way, completely sure that giant businesses had followed the lead of the government, we’ll do what ever we want and you customers won’t complain cause we said so. Gaming has become so important to me in the last 10 years. I’m glad Sony listened to the gamers!

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