Interview Series: The admin of Boycott Xbox One

I had a chance to have a short discussion with the administrator for the facebook page Boycott Xbox One. It was a chance to understand the motivations behind the page and to get a better idea of the purpose behind it. We were unable to chat via skype, but the administrator was more than happy to answer my questions over private messaging. It is my hope to continue reaching out to these exceptional people who are doing their best to make a difference in the video game community and spread the word on it all.

Me: What got you into video games in the first place?

It was a Mega Drive game called ‘Eternal Champions’ which I saw being played in a youth club outside of my school back in 1994, it was then I realised that I was really into Beat ’em up games and then Street fighter II was next and it pretty much snowballed from there really. I continued my interest in fighting games in the next gen (ps1) but my interest in other types of games developed such as RPG (FF7) and adventure games.

Me: How long have you been a gamer for?

Since 1993, my mom bought me a Master System back then which had ‘Alexx the kid’ pre-installed but I rarely played the thing until I got hold of a Mega Drive the following year.

Me: Why a boycott?

A Boycott is the consumer’s weapon against companies who are pushing production onto the market that will do more harm then good.

Me: What’s your goal from the boycott?

The goal ultimately is for the Xbox One to not do well at all thus forcing Microsoft to re-release the console or some kind of a patch to undo the restrictions they have placed upon it but I should also point out that there is no Ms hate in my objective, I have no issues with MS at all, in fact there are few 360 owners who liked my page and the 360 is a good console so all this is about the console and making sure that people are aware of what they are buying.

Me: What’s been the reaction like so far?

The reaction has been wild! the page I run only has few hundreds but there are youtubers out there the likes of AlphaOmegaSin, Main Even TV, Angry Joe, GamingAnarchist and many others who have far reaching numbers of people who will spread the news which Microsoft are so desperately trying to bury and silence anyone speaking against it… so It’s going very well and I hope to see Gaming Ownership continue in the next generation of gaming so that our children may enjoy what we grew up with.


This is the first installment of what I hope to be a series of interviews with those people trying to make a difference in the video game community. Thank you for reading.


One comment on “Interview Series: The admin of Boycott Xbox One

  1. I am a member of this page. (I liked it) I agree there is no hate here towards microsoft. I love to champion microsoft. But when you screw up big and Microsoft has. You just can’t support that nonsense!

    At current we are losing partially a freedom of playing and trading games how we choose. With all these user restrictions the ability to game on the go is more or less undermined. It’s really sad, because the need to make an extra buck has undermined gaming. If I wanted this I would go back to the PC and I am if these policies continue.

    I love Halo! I love all the exclusive, but if I have to say goodbye so be it!

    Kinect 2.0 is forced: Despite being able to disable the camera, the fact the thing is alway listening and it is rumors to not even have a power button makes me all set. What is wrong with the power button. Its like removing the Start menu of Windows. Its pointless, and for what? To FORCE the user to use the new kinect?

    No thanks, I can either power it on with my finger or I don’t buy it.

    Privacy: Given the recent NSA leak and Microsoft being a culprit in sharing my data. Imagine what this device can do?

    I’m sorry, but a Press Release saying they not only won’t share my data, but they will destroy it, and that I have the ability to choose whether or not I use the kinect. I want that thing unplugged period. I don’t want it at all and I think it should always be about user choice. NOT forcing something on me.

    Microsoft can bounce back for sure, but they can’t have this endless PR game with the public. They have a short Window here. If they miss it like EA did. Forgiving them will be difficult and bouncing back from it next to impossible. Look at EA and BioWare. My Brother loves Microsoft and the Xbox as well. He has 6 systems in in house, two for the living areas. and one for each room in his house and for the kids.

    He is ready to not just dump the system and go PS4, but he is also ready to dump all of his stocks in Microsoft.

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