Cosplaying: What I’m Learning

(note: I didn’t ask permission to use any pictures, so I am using pictures from my own personal collection)

I want to introduce you to two very cool people in the cosplaying community: Zarah Diane and Loryanna Michalek.

Zarah Diane’s Facebook Page:

I met Zarah when I began researching how to make costumes. Zarah is special to me because she introduced me into the world of cosplaying. I never understood it until I met her. Sure, I saw all the costumes and understood that these costumes tended to be handmade. But the world of cosplaying is so much more than that.

An accurate cosplay for a costume like this takes a lot of skill.

An accurate cosplay for a costume like this takes a lot of skill.

Cosplayers formed an inclusive community. This isn’t just a hobby that people occasionally indulges in. This is something closer to a fun lifestyle. Cosplayers really are a tight knit community. When I met Zarah, she introduced me to another cosplayer who cosplays as Hercules. And this guy is also incredibly friendly, available to answer any questions I may have.

She warned me that cosplaying could end up running a pretty penny. It’s very easy to spend hundreds of dollars on any costume, so setting a budget is very important. And you know what? She’s right. The moment I began to look at fabrics and toys to go with the Hercules costume I’m planning out, I noticed I started to go overboard almost immediately. So I learned a very important rule.

If you want to get into cosplaying, find someone who’s a veteran and seek her/his guidance. Believe me, you will not regret it.

Cosplaying is far more fun in a group

Cosplaying is far more fun in a group

Loryanna Michalek:

Loryanna is a fairly renown cosplayer. Her costumes have been the highlight of several Think Geek contests, has been in several magazines, does commission work through her etsy site, and produces a number of costume jewelry for cosplayers. She does incredible work. If you look at her page, you’ll find some really nice looking steampunk merchandise, fun things for teddy bears, and very cool improvised jewelry.

Loryanna’s strength is her ability to improvise. This is an important part of cosplaying: having the vision to see the end product in the components you have in front of you. I look at pop tabs and guitar picks and see nothing. She saw earrings. It’s things like this that sets the average cosplayer apart from the truly excellent one: vision. I like finding people like her because there’s a lot that can be learned from someone who has artistic vision like Loryanna.

From her, I learned the importance of creativity and having the desire to learn more about the trade. There’s a lot that goes into cosplaying, or costume making as a whole.

Cosplaying is a fun world

Cosplaying is a fun world

Cosplaying is a fun world. I cannot wait to get involved in it 🙂


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