Cosplaying: Letting the imagination go free

Cosplaying looks like fun.

Oh dear god don't hit me!

Oh dear god don’t hit me!

I am still in the planning phases for my costume (HERCULES!), so all I can do is imagine what it’ll look like. But I noticed something while imagining. I was picturing what it would be like to wear it. Not only the people’s reaction to it, but what it would be like to play pretend. To be Hercules.



It’s more than just playing pretend. A friend of mine, Jennifer Munoz, told of about her experience wearing a costume at a convention. People got her attention by calling out the name of the character she was dressed as. To the other people, they saw her as that character. You know, I am the same way. When I saw people dressed up, I saw them as the character they were dressed up as. Jennifer referred to it as being in Disneyland, being surrounded by your favorite characters. I’ve never been to Disneyland (or Disneyworld), but I get the sentiment. It’s one of the reasons why I love going to GenCon

What is it about me that makes me so killable?

What is it about me that makes me so killable?

I think cosplaying is a way of celebrating geekdom in a very meaningful way. We get to dress up as our favorite characters, become them, and play with them (or as them) in a fun way. Honestly, I want that experience when I dress up as Hercules. So for now, I’m going  to dream what it’ll be like. I think that’s the first step.


One comment on “Cosplaying: Letting the imagination go free

  1. Great piece Michael! My daughter introduced me to the world of cosplay when she and her friends dressed up as their favorite anime characters. For them it was a group project, making costumes together, practicing their dance moves and all that make-up! Watching youtube videos of them at Vegas-Con was wonderful! The best part was watching my daughter form friendships from cosplaying that are still going strong today. The friendly atmosphere at the cons was another reason why I let her get into her passion, she never had a bad experience at a con and one day I hope to get to Comic-Con in San Diego just to see that atmosphere in person!

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