One part of geek culture that I love to death is cosplaying. It’s at every convention that has to do with anything geek related: Star Trek, Star Wars, comic book, roleplaying, and so on.

I caught Carmen Sandiego

I caught Carmen Sandiego

I like going to GenCon every year. This convention exposed me to the world of cosplaying. The people were friendly and fun loving. There were some costumes that took months to make. There’s a costume contest that shows it all off.

Dear lord, that's creepy

Dear lord, that’s creepy

Even if you aren’t into geek culture, you have to admire the work and dedication that went into these costumes. I’ve been told some costumes take hundreds of hours to complete. Put that on top of the make-up work that goes into this… and you have people who are truly dedicated to their craft.

Amazing work

Amazing work

All these pictures were taken at GenCon by me a year ago. There’s a lot more pictures that I have which I would love to share with all of you. Each costume is unique, sort of like a fingerprint. Someday, I’ll be making costumes of my own!

I want my first costume to be Hercules!



The greatest superhero of all time!


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