Best of the Best: Top Five Heroes of Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary of its release! It’s hard to believe, but it was first released back in 1994 for the Super Nintendo. It was groundbreaking. There’s no other way to describe it. The music. The story. The gameplay. The characters. All of it challenged the limits of how we understood RPGs, giving us something that felt fresh and different.

So in honor of the 20th anniversary, Press Start to Begin has created a list of the top five heroes of Final Fantasy VI! The goal of this list isn’t to just put down who someone’s favorite character is, but to put down characters that broke the mold of gameplay or storytelling. These characters aided in pushing the RPG genre in a new direction. Continue reading

Destiny Review


Destiny has arrived. After years of being shackled to the Halo franchise, Bungie has broken free and has created their long-awaited  new series. And man, if there was an award of the most hyped game for the year of 2014, it would be this game. You could not turn on the t.v., much less a street corner without running into some kind of promotion for Destiny. Yea, it was pretty much everywhere. Even the cashier at Wal-mart who sold the game could not stop talking about how great this game was and how this was the best the Bungie had ever created since the last Halo. So, was the colossal hype worth it and is Destiny the greatest thing this side of the stratosphere? Continue reading


The Changing Face of Gaming

The ESA released a study in April 2014 called : 2014 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry. This report went into details of the current demographics of the video game industry. They hired the company Ipsos MediaCT, a company dedicated to helping companies understand how to reach their target markets better in the digital age, to conduct the survey and collect the data. The results revealed a video game world that was very different than what many believed it was. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Mass Effect Director Casey Hudson leaves Bioware


In what could be considered a bombshell for Bioware, it was recently announced that Casey Hudson, creative director behind such titles as Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect series, has chosen to leave the company for greener pastures. First released on the site Kotaku, Hudson expresses the need to “hit the reset button” on his career, to gain perspective on his career and to eventually take on new challenges. Continue reading


Nintendo Stockholders Express Growing Concerns (with poll)

At the 74th annual general meeting of shareholders on July 3rd, 2014,  the Nintendo Board of Trustees faced a wide range of difficult questions from from shareholders. Two questions in particular stand out, in light of a recent three month earnings report release on July 30th, 2014. The report showed that Nintendo recorded a -$96 million dollar net income (Nintendo lost $96 million dollars). Also, Nintendo’s net sales dropped by 8.4% in comparison to last year’s sales. Continue reading

Doctor Who: Engines of War Book Review

Hey folks, Dale here, and here I have the honour of reviewing the newest BBC book release ‘Doctor who: Engines of War’, by George Mann, which for the first time depicts one of the most mysterious and unknown periods in the history of Doctor Who- The Time War. In this story we see the return of the War Doctor, as played by John Hurt in the 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor, as he struggles to fight the endless war of the cosmos between his people, the Time Lords of Gallifrey, and his bitter enemies, the Daleks of Skaro.

Continue reading