Name:  Snowpiercer
Production Company:  Moho Films
Director:  Bong Joon-ho
Producer:  Park Chan-wook
Soundtrack:  Marco Beltrami
Released:  South Korea (August 2013) and United States (June 2014)

Originally, science fiction fell into two camps. The first camp was spearheaded by Jules Vern. His writing focused on science and technology. The second camp was spearheaded by Isaac Asimov. His writing focused on people’s reactions to and adaptions of technology. Both of these traditional camps have merit and are still alive in the literary world. Continue reading

The End of Time main pic

Doctor Who: The End of Time- A Press Start To Begin Special


Dale here folks, and in this chapter of our series of Doctor Who articles, I have the task of reviewing The End of Time, the final two-part adventure of the Tenth Doctor. I find this very fitting in a humorous way, as I wrote the Series Two article, the beginning of David Tennant’s run, and now I write his ending.

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Waters of Mars: A Press Start To Begin Review

The Waters of Mars was my very first Dr Who episode. I was sitting back at my home Sunday evening, trying to find something to watch before calling it a night. It was about 10 pm and Dr Who was coming on PBS. Normally, I would pause on that station before flipping past it, but I decided to give it a try.

Neat fact, before I watched Day of the Doctor, this episode was my only frame of reference for the entirely of Doctor Who.  All things considered, it was a good reference point. This was one of the better episodes of Dr Who ever made, if not one of the better episodes in television history.

As always, I will not be doing a recap. I’ll be breaking up my review into the Good, the Bad, and the Honest Truth. Continue reading

Doctor Who : The Next Doctor – A Press Start to Begin Review


I’m back! In this next review, we take a look at the fourth TV special of David Tennant’s run as the Doctor as we get ever close to our fond farewell to our man with the dashing good looks and great hair.

The episode opens with the TARDIS landing in London on Christmas Eve, 1851. At first, it all seems peaceful, but as with all adventures with The Doctor, that is short lived. He suddenly overhears the cries for help with his name specifically being called. He runs into a man who is strangely himself “The Doctor” (played by David Morrissey)   as well as his companion Rosita who are  attempting to capture a Cybershade. The Cybershade unfortunately escapes, though both Doctor don’t seem to mind it too much, finding the adventure and the chase  to be quite enjoyable. The Doctor spends some time talking to the man, believing that he may be a future incarnation of himself, who is suffering from possible amnesia. Continue reading


Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead- A Press Start to Begin Review

Ah finally, my turn. Amy here, starting off the David Tennant specials with ‘Planet of the Dead’. And, as I would call it. The Beginning of the End of the 10th Doctor’s run.


Of course, spoilers ahead. And yes, in my head, that was in River Songs voice… but onward… Continue reading


Doctor Who: Series Four – A Press Start To Begin Review

Series 4 of Doctor Who stood out as one of the best in the entire run of the series, easily. It’s difficult to truly describe it, and it would be totally pointless to say “oh dude, you gotta watch it!” I figure you would want an idea of what you’d be getting. Plus, I’m in no way as talented of a writer as Dale Leif, or Ryoko. My recaps are boring as hell. Plus, there are dozens of sites out there that have absolutely fantastic recaps… so go to them if you want a recap. Or ask Dale, Leif, or Ryoko… they would probably be able to do a far better job than those other sites. As for me? I’ll do what I do best. Continue reading