Doctor Who: Series Four – A Press Start To Begin Review

Series 4 of Doctor Who stood out as one of the best in the entire run of the series, easily. It’s difficult to truly describe it, and it would be totally pointless to say “oh dude, you gotta watch it!” I figure you would want an idea of what you’d be getting. Plus, I’m in no way as talented of a writer as Dale Leif, or Ryoko. My recaps are boring as hell. Plus, there are dozens of sites out there that have absolutely fantastic recaps… so go to them if you want a recap. Or ask Dale, Leif, or Ryoko… they would probably be able to do a far better job than those other sites. As for me? I’ll do what I do best. Continue reading


Doctor Who Series Three : A Press Start to Begin

Oh good, it’s my turn! Now we’ve come to third installment of the Doctor Who series as part of our series of reviews where we look back on each season of Modern Who. Sadly last season, we said a heart-breaking farewell to the much beloved Rose Tyler. But this time around, the Doctor welcomes aboard the Tardis a new companion, plus a chance encounter with who will come in the next season. We welcome back one of the Doctor’s closet’s friend in the ever flirtatious Captain Jack Harkness, as well as the Doctor notorious arch-nemesis.

Let us begin shall we! Continue reading


Resident Evil 6 – The Game That Tried Too Hard

Title:  Resident Evil 6
Release Date:  October 2, 2012
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom
Producer:  Hiroyuki Kobayashi
Designer:  Jiro Taoka
Writer:  Shotaro Suga
Composer:  Akihiko Narita Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 2 Article

Doctor Who Series Two- A Press Start To Begin Special

Dale here folks, and this is the second part of our series of articles looking back on each season of Modern Who, and I have the honour of doing Series Two, the début of the man many proclaim to be the greatest Doctor of them all, the magical David Tennant.
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